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Torvehallerne Copenhagen

My favorite place to be in Copenhagen: Torvehallerne. The square market.

I love Copenhagen, I want to live there for long, it have everything I need to feel comfortable and fulfills my every needs.

The city I live got to have a food market, a place vibrant with flavors, colors, talks and animation, a place that wakes up early in the morning, and pulse with life all day until late at night, and where everybody goes, my favorite place to be , a place in the city where I want to start every day of my professional life to fill it with inspiration, and the joy of being a part of a community of food worker and lover.

Market places are not very common in Scandinavia, but Copenhagen have one, Torvehallerne, ”the square market” and , lucky me , it is right in front of the restaurant I am working for, Botaniq.

TorvehallerneKBH is, with its 7000 m2, the biggest (and nicest..) food market in Copenhagen.

It is located just outside of the busiest metro and train station of Denmark, Nørreport.

Every week more than 60.000 people , local and tourist , visit the market and the more than 60 different stalls, selling food of the highest quality. From French croissants to freshly caught fish and perfectly matured meat , from rare delicacies to rich coffee , wines, from exotic spices, wines to locally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs.

It is a marketplace with a focus on diversity and the opportunity to taste seasonal produce and rarities from near and far.


Torvehallerne Inside

About the buildings..

Torvehallerne is designed by Architects Hans Peter Hagen (chief architect), Birgitte Bülow, Henrik Jahn, Lars Moller and constructing architect Henrik Horsten.

Their visions for the project was to create a dynamic haven full of life and color.

One of the main sources of inspiration for TorvehallerneKBH is the original Moorish building in southern Spain – known as the Mezquita in Cordoba, as well as the market square of Piazza Campo de Fiori in Rome, the market halls in Barcelona and Venice fish market on the grand Canal.

The two halls are established by the joining of 20 sales modules of 50m2, which can be further subdivided into up to 4 units of 12.5 m2 , so , up to 80 covered stalls.

Besides the permanent stalls, the architects behind the project as part of the desire to create a vibrant oasis, also established mobile outdoor stalls. The between 16-24 mobile modules represent each approx. 12.5 m2.

For the visitors , Torvehallerne is a very pleasant way to discover Danish local produces and to taste some of the best danish specialty such as the smørbrod , danish pastry , local beers , bacon, sausages, fishcakes.

It is a bit like a gourmet ghetto, a bit hip, not the everyday market for most of us, but a place to go for a special treats or shopping for a higher quality .

My preference among all this diversity of stalls and produces , goes by far , to a food stalls called Omegn and its little outside brother.




Martin Petersen, the owner of Omegn and formal chef, opened the stall 3 years ago with the project to focus on organic and biodynamic local food product of the greatest quality such as hams, cheese jam, juices, ciders , beers ( bottled or on tap… his bøgedal are insanely good..)

After 2 years , an outside stalls dedicated to fresh vegetables directly sourced to the local organic and biodynamic farms in the very near areas around Kph were to be added to the inside boutique.

Martin and his team propose with great joy and no compromise, the best and most exciting variety of seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, (not the kind that you ll find in your supermarket), fruits and vegetables that reminds you of how should look a natural and organically grown product , twisted and hearty, strong and condensed with feral force and flavours. ”The real thing produce by real people…” as Martin like to describe it.

Omegn Veggies

Omegn Veggies

Omegn goes in rounds a few times a week to pick up the latest harvest in ecologic and/or biodynamic farms such as






the ecovillage of Svanholm

Vejro ,the finest and most cherished source of product for Danish top chefs. ( I saw Rene Redzepi shopping some veggies at Omegn just a few weeks ago…just to say).

As a whole, Torvehallerne really is a nice place to visit. Many comes to enjoy a beer or just to sit in the sun and enjoy the somehow continental feeling that goes on.It really add to the lovely atmosphere of Copenhagen city centre, and provide a great place for foodies.


Save Water , Drink Champagne

I can only hope that the city of Copenhagen realize the important of such place and reproduce the concept on a different area of CPH, on a bigger scale with maybe a range of product that could be affordable to a larger amount of customers.

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